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What is the Analytics Impact Index?

The Analytics Impact Index measures an organization’s analytical journey and the impact analytics has on its profit. Each participant will receive a company-specific report, benchmarking their capability and performance against their competitors and detailing specific recommendations on how to improve. In your report, you will receive your organization’s Impact Index, Maturity Assessment along with Actionable Insights.

Impact Index

An objective assessment of the value analytics contributes as a proportion of total profit and growth. Your organization will be given an indication of the potential achievable value, should they become an analytics leader.

Maturity Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of a company’s practices and processes to help achieve value. Your company will be benchmarked on the maturity scale and compared to other companies within your industry and region.

Actionable Insights

Answering the key questions to lead organizations on their analytics transformation journey. How to set up an analytics organization structure for success? How do you embed a data-driven culture and how much should you be investing in analytics?

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By completing the Analytics Impact Index assessment, your organization will be able to set up a business case for change and understand the key steps required to get there.

Why take the Analytics Impact Index?

Business Case

The report will enable organizations to set up their vision and create a business case, with the right investment, to grow through analytics


It will further guide organizations to set up their strategy for success and design a roadmap that is immediately actionable and measurable

Longitudinal Tracking

When completed yearly, the report provides year-on-year tracking of key KPIs on your analytics journey, relative to regional and global companies


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Professor & Director,
Centre for Business Analytics,
Melbourne Business School

Partner, APAC Solutions Lead, A.T. Kearney, Australia

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Partner, EMEA Analytics Lead, A.T. Kearney

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